Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Woodruff & Lavenderliner

Woodruff and Lavenderliner
Berliner Weisse
Granulated gelatin
Woodruff syrup
Lavender syrup


Created for Philly Beer Week, the base of this jello shot is Nodding Head Brewery's Ich Bin Ein Beliner Weisse,  a very tart variety of wheat beer, in which syrup (woodruff or raspberry) is traditionally added.  

Woodruff syrup (Waldmeistersirup) in an herbal additive with vanilla, marshmellowey flavor. From what my google skills are telling me, it's unheard of to drink a berliner weisse in Berlin without syrup added.

The bottom layer of the jello shot is berliner and lavender: berliner weisse has a distinct sour taste, and balancing out citrus is one of lavender's second best talent (first is fancying up bougie cupcakes).  

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