Monday, April 11, 2011


Jello Faberge Eggs
 Made with egg mold and a filigree mold. We found a few egg molds at a thrift store, you can also buy them on Kraft Foods website for two or three dollars.
 Filigree is made with slightly firmer jello.
Edible Glitter and food coloring.
Flavor-wise, these can be made with any flavor vodka, and clear-ish juices.
They are slightly larger than real eggs.


  1. I have a question. How did you create the filigree? Did you do it separately from the eggs? Freehand or some type of mold or cutter? I absolutely love these and would like to try an recreate some. Thanks! (

  2. Okay, so I just reread the first line that you used a filigree mold (lol). So that answers that question. So then, do you just wet the area that you are trying to combine the two parts?

  3. Hey!
    The mold is the center mold of these three:
    I ordered mine from a different company, that has since closed. The filigree is made with more gelatin, then lifted and placed with a toothpick (spray mold with pam first). So the filigree is more gummy. The filigree naturally sticks the the egg, but it is not adhered really so these are a little immobile. You can make a gelatin glue probably with the extra filigree mix.


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