Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Samoas (Caramel Delights)

A few years ago, I bough a box of Samoas from some kids at the 8th street el station, here in Philadelphia. Now, I've made a few purchases on the El (what up egyptian musk and Meet the Parents bootleg) so I was not at all surprised when I got home and noticed that I had not bought a familiar box of Samoas, but I had bought "Caramel Delights". Had I been hustled by Girl Scout impostors?

Turns out they were legit- but I did spend the next week telling anyone who would listen (captive audiences) about how "Can You Believe They Changed The Name of Samoas to Caramel Delights Because There Was Outrage Over The Name Samoa Being Culturally Insensitive".  I totally fabricated the cultural insensitivity thing, but you try making a story about buying girl scout cookies interesting.

I'd be remiss not to mention that Vicky B. has a Samoa recipe in her book, but the one we made up on the fly is super different and not at all a copy.  For this one we used: caramel syrup, coconut cream, chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, chocolate chips and of course, rum and gelatin. 

really glad the shredded paper is in focus.


  1. Humor about my hometown Philly AND jello recipes... I love this blog.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes! With posts from my favorite blog kinda sporadic, it makes it even better when I pop on and see something amazing. These look immensely tasty.

  3. These look absolutely divine! BTW, there are two different bakeries for Girl Scout Cookies- Little Brownie and ABC. Little Brownie bakery has the Samoas, while ABC has the Carmel deLites. Each local council can choose which bakery to get their cookies from. How do I know all this? My mother is a long time Girl Scouter and cookie person for her area. Cheers!

  4. yay welcome back! love this blog

  5. These look amazing. I don't see the recipe... can you toss us some more details?


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