Sometime Asked Questions

Please see the page on the right hand side bar "What are your exact measurements?" if you would like to know the exact measurements for any recipe

1)        What kind of gelatin do you use? Are any shots vegan?
            We primarily use a granulated gelatin, such as Knox. Occasionally, we will use brands of flavored gelatin products, such as d'gari. We make vegan jello using agar agar, but only occasionally because it is difficult.  

2)        How long does it take to make your jello shots?
Usually about 10 minutes of prep time and an hour per layer of gelling time . Styling time varies greatly.

3)         Do you make all of them yourselves?

4)         Where do you get your ideas?
The inspiration comes from all over. Anything we see or hear or taste or touch. I may as well add smell. (but I wouldn't say anything we smell)

5)         Are you single, because you both seem like very great, smart, creative women, plus beautiful?
Not interested, Creep.

6)         Do you eat all the jello shots?
             If we know we are going to a party, we'll plan to make several different kinds of jello so we can post them on the blog. Some times they sit sadly in the fridge waiting for a social invitation. We absolutely try them all after we make them, at the very least to make sure the recipe tasty.

7)         Where do you get the ingredients for the shots?
            Cousin's, Fiesta, Dollar Tree and the Italian Market.

8)         Tell me more about your pets. Do you have a website with pictures of your pets on it?
9)         Will you make jello shots for my party/wedding?
Only if we are invited.

10)         How do you infuse your liquors?
            In a mason jar, or old empty bottle with a lid, we pour a cup or two of liquor (usually vodka, rum or tequila) then we add the item we are infusing the liquor with, and let it steep for several days. We strain the final product before we use it. Googling “infusing vodka with bacon” will take you to sites with more specific instructions.

11)      What is SCM?

           SCM is shorthand for Sweetened Condensed Milk. we use it in most shots that are creamy looking, unless they are vegan. Confusing, I know. We started shortening it to SCM when we were still vigilant about taking an ingredients shot- so you'd be able to see the can of Sweetened Condensed Milk and figure it out. Now it's just an easy way for us to seem mysterious.


  1. you need to set up a twitter account and tweet new jello shot recipes everyday...I can help out I am an experience tweeter

  2. OOH, 'shot of the day'...I like that.

  3. really cool! i love this...
    so beautiful and creative! good work ladies.

  4. how about an eyeball jello shot for halloween?

  5. Where do you get all your molds?

  6. Hey! Hey, you people! Are you aware you're bloody famous? I just found this while browsing through today's AOL News headlines!|main|dl7|sec3_lnk2|175507

  7. I found you through Neatorama! Way to be famous! I want to prepare ALL the recipes! Glad that you use mexican ingredients like jalapeño, tequila and horchata!

  8. trishadelphia, i like the your "eyeball jello shot on halloween" idea. and whaddaya know, its almost halloween!

  9. I can't believe I haven't come across this site before in my Jell-O research. You guys need to do a book (if you want to) asap!

  10. Ahhhhh....So I read under your "This Is How We Do"....We don't list exact measurements on our blog and many people have been asking for explicit instructions." you then went on to explain the way you use Knox....but is there a place where I can find any exact measurement? IE..Chocolate Cake
    Heavy Cream, Sugar, Lemonade, Vanilla Extract. much heavy cream, sugar ect?

  11. You ladies are awesome! I am going to try your bacon and eggs and Hawaiian pigs for our girls weekend! this years theme is Tropical! I never would have found you if we hadn't visited our daughter in Sweden. She loves your site. continue with your creativity and I will be checking regularly.


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