Amazing Jell-O shots: This Art Gets You Wasted. 

MSNBC's Cosmic Log
Jell-O shots from the dawn of time.

the Citypaper
My Jello Americans was conceived during the intense snowstorms of this past winter, when Sheehan and Kete were trapped inside. "We went on a spree," says Kete, a former student in the Art Institute's interior design program. There is trial and error, but the pair has landed on a handful of reliable base recipes that they modify along the way.

Philly Weekly
Corey Kete and Maureen Sheehan are two haute chefs of the Jell-o shot world, who, besides possessing a serious punny bone, have a talent for creating tiny, edible and inebriating sculptures.

The AV Club Philly

Holy crap, we knew that Philly gourmet-jello-shot makers My Jello Americans were culinary forward thinkers, but...

Art in the Age- SNAP, Art in the Age- ROOT
Two local Philadelphians have taken a new route to mixing an alcoholic treat. Moe and Cory’s new blog My Jello Americans - a blog of fantastic photos and extraordinary Jello-shots, recently featured Root in their latest shot - Rosie the ROOTveter.

Serious Eats
Blog My Jello Americans creates all kinds of zany Jello shots, from the tasty-looking horchata to the questionablepound cake and PB-banana Elvis to the strange but promising bacon vodka with gummy eggs. Bottoms up.

Boldly pushing those party favorites to a whole new terrifying level, My Jello Americans. MJA's a blog of elaborately-prepared, cleverly-named Jell-O shots initially spawned from two Fishtown chicks' desire to make a gelatinous drink.

First off, the name of the blog is a terrific pun: My Jello Americans. You see, these girls photograph and write about the Jell-O shots they create: Not just any Jell-O shots, but exquisite, inspiredobjets d’art.

Fat City Kansas City Food Blog
My Jello Americans makes Jell-O shots an art

Paste Blog
My Jello Americans::Blogs::Awesome Of the Day

My Jello Americans Gives Vodka Jello Shots an Upscale Makeover
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