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We can be reached at myjelloamericans@gmail.com


How do any great beginnings....begin? My Jello Americans is like any other. Two savagely attractive women get snowed in one cold February in Philadelphia with booze, gelatin and astonishing natural creativity. 

The decision to post our newborn infant to the internet was a tough one. We wanted to keep all of the beauty and genius to ourselves; but we were brought up better than that. Our respective parents taught us to share and to do our part to make the world a better, more beautiful place. And Stan Lee taught us that with great power comes great responsibility. The choice was made for us. 

Through the months we continued jellin' and posting, becoming inspired by anything around us. The ingredients at the dollar tree, or Cousins. A word someone said to us. Pop Culture reference or  gregorian calendar holidays. Random combinations of numbers and colors. Anything looks like a Jello Shot once you have the Knox in you.

In the Summer of 2010, During a two week heatwave Maureen realized she loved 101 degree weather and moved to Texas. Cory became a one (wo)man show in Philadelphia, posting new shots and catering events like the Part time studios 'We all Screen for Ice Cream' opening. Megan Booth Joined My Jello Americans in Fishtown and now that Moe has a fridge again, MJA has become a cross country blog with two Branches: MJA Fishtown and MJA Austin.
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