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From our original post, on Dec 22nd, 2010:

"Is it just me or is junk mail awesome? I just can never get enough! Do you feel the same way? Do you want more 'stuff' mailed to your doorstep? If you are interested in recipes, seasonal greetings, prizes, or are just searching for something more in life... join our mailing list!
Send us your email/physical address to"

The mailing list is an idea we came up with in order to get rid of household clutter, and send any jello related material to people who  will appreciate it.  I'm aiming for the next recipe to be sent by the beginning of July, to the next ten or fifteen people on the list. 

Don't worry, people who provide only their email address will get the same recipes emailed to them! 

We have more participants in the snail mailing list than we can get to in the next couple mailings, so, you can send in your address, but you won't get anything any time soon (unless we already have your address, then we are working on it).

If this is too much heartbreak to take, check out an Analog Mixtape mailing list, where real live cassette are sent out monthly.


  1. this might help you out with your jello shot making! it's a pretty handle jello shot making tool

  2. Hi! I'm a fellow blogger although my blog is very different form your's... However I found you on Pinterest and was exploring your page... Wanted to offer a recommendation blogger to blogger... Check out Wufoo... I use them for my own mailing list. The website generates a form which you can link for people to fill out and sign up, and then the information they fill out is emailed to you.


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