Friday, May 25, 2012



granulate gelatin
stewart's orange cream soda
mandrine orange vodka
vanilla vodka

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It's hot as hell in Philadelphia (if hell is about 85 degrees) and what's better than an orange creamsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot day? If you don't feel like waiting 'til the truck makes it's rounds at, like, 11 pm, have I got a jello shot for you!

Our Dreamsicle jello shot is based with an orange cream mixer, Stewarts Orange 'n Cream soda, which is why we used both orange and vanilla vodkas, so neither flavor would dominate. If you have orange juice, regular orange soda, or a box or orange Jell-o*, it's totally cool use just vanilla vodka.

*Orange Jell-o and vanilla vodka is one of the 'classic' jello shot recipes


  1. I love your site and wanted to thank you for sharing your great ideas.

    Maybe a dumb question...How do you get the cream inside?

    1. Thanks Brad,

      Make the jello shot as you normally would (we used a silicone mold), but leave a millimeter or two of space in the mold. Set aside extra liquid gelatin, and keep it at room temp.

      After the jello has set, we scooped out a little bit of the center with a demitasse spoon. it does not have to be very much AT ALL. You do not want to cut to close the the sides or the bottom, or the jello will be too weak to remove.

      Fill the well you've created with sweetened condensed milk. A drop or two in each will be enough.

      Warm up the room temp jello just a little bit, and spoon it so over the molds. It should be warm enough to fuse with the jello, and if you gently spoon it shouldn't mess up the milk.

      Again, there is VERY LITTLE of the filling actually in the shot. Too much and it won't be structurally sound and will ruin your guests' shirts.

      Hope that helps.

    2. That's perfect. Thanks again.

  2. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog! Y'all are so creative and it's so much fun to peruse the different jello shots. I do have one question though. How do you get the shots out without destroying them? Are the shots a bit thicker so it's easier for them to slide out? Or do you lubricate your molds before pouring in the mixtures?

  3. Where is the recipe for this???? I would love to make it for my boyfriends birthday!

  4. I feel a little dumb. What is SCM?

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