Monday, May 14, 2012

Chocolate Covered Spodee

Chocolate Covered Spodee

Dark Chocolate, Paramount Crystals
Cherry wishniak soda
Granulated gelatin

Last week we made Jello shots for the launch of Spodee, a depression era spirit. It's a spiced and sweetened wine, fortified with moonshine, and it is delightful. I'm completely done with putting chocolate bitters in Sandeman's Reserve- Spodee is more affordable and delicious.

We had a blast at the launch party, which was in a warehouse with INDOOR food trucks, an ice cream tricycle and a plaid clad blue grass band. Hand-to-god we were in Fishtown, not Brooklyn. Chrissy, Moe's sister took a lot of great pictures but unfortunately I'm in most of them :(

For more information about Spodee, check out their Website and Facebook Page. It's only in stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so suck it, NYC*.

*Just Kidding, you can buy it online, shipped US nationally.

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