Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Absinthe Allsorts and other sorts

Absinthe Allsorts:
Black Sambuca

Orange Cream:
Orange Vodka
Vanilla Vodka
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Food dye

Strawberry Cream:
Strawberry Vodka
Vanilla Vodka
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Food Dye



  1. I need help making Absinthe shots for my birthday! Please email me @ greasytaxi@gmail.com

    I would really appreciate this gesture and they look amazing!

  2. Mike Zima (Greasytaxi@gmail),

    Should be no different than making other jello shots. Follow the directions on the box, replace half the liquid with alcohol, and pour into mold. the rest is up to you.

    Also, though, people loooooove the idea of consuming absinthe there are a couple concerns:

    1) it tastes like licorice, which people don't like the idea or consuming.

    2) I've heard bars usually water it down because it has such a high alcohol content, people don't realize that an ounce is more potent than customers account for.

    3) It can be prohibitively expensive. Maybe you should ask for absinthe shots as a gift for your birthday.

    That, coincidentally, is also only safe way to ensure they will be diluted.


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