Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dragon Fruit and Basil Seeds

sliced serving suggestion!

Pitaya pulp on left, basil seeds on right, both with plum vodka
Dragon Fruit
Granulated Gelatin
Plum Vodka
Basil Seed Drink
Pitaya husk and pulp

We filled one half of the pitaya (Dragon Fruit) with a pitaya pulp and plum vodka gelatin, and the other half with a basil seed and plum vodka gelatin. The basil seed shots were favored over the pitaya pulps, though we did come up with a delicious vegetarian version with pitaya pulps that we will post soon.


  1. gorgeous! Love the plum vodka.

  2. Thanks! We were also considering a pomegranate vodka but after tasting the dragon meat we went with a smoother flavor liquor to compliment the tangy fruit.

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